TianDe – Shou Wu Hair Revitalizing Set

Polygonum multiflorum belongs to a large family of polygonum; commonly used in oriental herbal medicine. It is an extremely fast growing climber with heart shape leaves. Numerous tiny flowers cover the plant from summer to late autumn.

Shou wu plant is surrounded by a magical reputation. The famous Chinese herb, has been credited with a prolonging life, youth preservation and vigor enhancement for many years and the ability of turning the natural color of gray hair back to normal.

Use of Shou Wu in TCM

In traditional Chinese medicine Polygonum multiflorum is used in two forms: dried raw root and formulated root. Preparation involves raw root slices being boiled in black bean soy broth. This process completely changes the properties of medicinal plants.

The crude root is usually used to improve the operation of the digestive system and as a cleaning agent of the blood. Prepared root is aimed at improving blood circulation, stimulate liver functionality and is now widely used as a stimulating tonic of the vital energy (qi). It is believed to hold prolonged life span properties and is used to treat problems regarding sexuality. It is also an ingredient used in herbal formulas in cases of premature gray hair, back pain, angina pectoris, low level of energy and a number of other problems.

TianDe – Shou Wu Revitalizing Set – Products

Shou Wu Shampoo (20108)

Unique extract of the Shou Wu herb delivers an exceptional regeneration. It stimulates hair growth and increases the production of natural pigment. Recommended as a prophylactic agent in hair loss and premature graying.

Suitable for all hair types, regardless of age.

Method of Application:

Apply evenly to wet or damp hair, leave on for 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly. It can be used in daily care. The maximum effect is achievable with regular use of shampoo in conjunction with Shou Wu hair balm.

Shou Wu Hair Balm (20123)

The lotion nourishes the hair by improving the blood circulation to the scalp. Prevents the appearance of gray hair, eliminates dandruff. Normalizes scalp sebaceous glands activity, solves the problem of dry hair and greasy roots. It soothes inflammation, irritation and itching of the scalp. Prevents brittleness and hair damage. Makes the hair easy to comb out and arranged also giving it volume. Protects the hair from harmful environmental influences and UV radiation. Prevents graying of the hair and hair age-related changes.

Recommended for every type of hair, regardless of age.

Method of application:

Apply evenly to clean wet or damp hair, leave on for 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

TianDe – Anti Grey Hair Treatment

TianDe has prepared an effective treatment for Grey Hair. In order to bring back a natural color of your hair you need to follow this simple routine:

Use Shou Wu Shampoo (20108) and Shou Wu Hair Balm (20123) everyday.

Use Anti Grey Hair Shampoo (21315) and Anti Grey Hair Balm (for damaged hair) (21316) 2 times a week with the method of application number 2 of the balm – see more details.

For full recovery – please use this combination for at least 6 months.

TianDe treatment for grey hair takes approx. 6 months – although there is no set period for final results to appear. 

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