Why people choose TianDe?

Thousands of people join TianDe looking for a better future for themselves and for their family. TianDe does not only offer that, but this is a  great opportunity and an unbeatable chance to become a pioneer in United Kingdom or even other parts of the world as the Company is starting  afresh on the market. There are many reasons why people join TianDe, but this short list should indicate the most important ones:

  • The cosmetic market is one of 5 major markets of the world – which shows great need for cosmetic products.
  • New brand, new trend in cosmetic but also a natural therapy world – the use of natural and unconventional medicine methods.
  • Opening new markets. TianDe exists in 29 countries of Europe today. By 2016 TianDe will be known in whole of the Europe and by 2020 it will be recognised across the Globe, including USA and Canada. That gives us a chance to expand our business beyond the borders of the country that we live in.
  • Integrated trends within TianDe brand:
  1. Home SPA
  2. Salt Therapy
  3. Unconventional Tibetan Medicine integrated with TianDe products
  4. Very well made products – an affordable price that satisfies needs
  5. Very good value for money
  6. Repeatability of purchases
  7. New service – Beauty, Wellness, Ecology
  8. Legality and Certificates ISO 9001-2000
  9. Company CEO’s with reputable history and financial achievements
  10. Impressive dynamics of corporation growth – 480% more turnover in 4 years during crisis period.

Crisis in Chinese Medicine is treated as the time of change. TianDe offers you easy way to grow your business:

  • Excellent business model – distributor benefits from significant discount on products that can generate income but also has a chance to create their own structure in any country of the world. All that is needed is to exchange other brands of cosmetic products used to TianDe and recommend that to others.
  • Generous prizes from TianDe – Free car, deposit for a flat or Mercedes funded by the Corporation.
  • No need for selling – all that is needed is to use TianDe products and recommend them to others.
  • Online Office – system that allows you to monitor the growth of your structure, produce reports and see statistics.
  • Phase System – we are leading our partners through various steps of their career.
  • Lack of Competition – There is very few if not even no companies that can offer 3 in one – Chinese MedicineNanotechnology and Cosmeceuticals at the same time and provide you with such great prices.

TianDe has carefully prepared 2 types of a business member – Business Partner and Smart Shopper both offering something for everyone.

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