Botox and Lifting Effect

The “Nano Corrector“, is a unique cosmetic, its preparations are based on nanotechnology, giving an instant effect of improving the appearance and stable rejuvenation of the skin. The measures are an effective and painless alternative to plastic surgery injections and skin rejuvenation methods. Prevents skin changes related to any type of ageing.

The preparations were made ​​under sterile conditions and packaged in hermetically sealed ampules, resulting in a maximum concentration and activity.

What are Nano Correctors

As in mesotherapy, the active agents” Nano Corrector” act on the deep layers of the skin, in which the division of cells happens. However, using such uniformity covers the skin, which remains the same, and the use of it becomes comfortable and pleasant. Side effects are excluded.

Ampoule cosmetic preparations produced have a number of Nano- undeniable advantages compared with traditional cosmetic formulas which:

  • Rapidly penetrate the skin.
  • Are perceived as natural, identical to the skin cells.
  • Implement the delivery of active agents to the indicated address, i.e. operate only in the necessary cells.
  • Penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, which is not available using conventional means.
  • Stimulate natural regeneration processes.
  • Actively increase the viability of skin cells.
  • Enhance the protective properties of the skin.
  • Have no side effects.

Provide special components which moisturize, nourish and recover the deep layers of the skin in order to maintain and improve the quality of the skin and restore its beauty and freshness. The active substances must, however, overcome the barrier of the stratum corneum. Large molecules of ordinary cosmetics are not able to beat the Nano Corrector.

Preparations” Nano Corrector” contains microcapsules, which essentially distinguishes it from other cosmetic rejuvenation products. They represent specific transport containers filled with various components (collagen, peptides, etc.) depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Thanks to its extremely small size of the microcapsules, they overcome the stratum corneum and interact with the deep layers of the skin, increasing the effectiveness of several cosmetics. Active molecules easily interact with the cells and are therefore not perceived as natural components.

Cosmetics can have an immediate impact on several causes of aging of the skin. To give you everything you need, they increase their defences, and start the natural processes of regeneration. As a result, the process of premature ageing is slowed down, and the skin begins to rebuild a healthy structure.

Nano Corrector Components

The set of transdermal” Nano Corrector” is formed directly on the skin when applying the two formulas consistent with the high concentration: mezzo cocktail and Micro capsules.

Mezzo cocktail – Contains natural active and conductive components that penetrate to deep layers of the skin, in order to deliver the micro capsules.

The microcapsules – Closing the microencapsulated formula protects it from further contact with the environment, and also against destructive oxidative processes, therefore it fully retains all its properties. By mechanical powders being released from active components embedded within, which are rapidly absorbed through the skin.

Applying the patch kit “Nano Corrector” – instant lifting effect, this product is recommended for people aged 30-35. It is recommended to use the series for 1 month, then 2-3 times a year. In contrast, the use of a set of patch ”Nano Corrector” – the effect of Botox is possible at any age with the appearance of facial wrinkles, the clear effect will be visible after 7-10 days of use.

Botox Effect

Lifting Effect