What is Cellulite and where it comes from

The concept of cellulitis appeared about 50 years ago. But if we look at old paintings, we see that through centuries past cellulite was specific to women. Rubens or Rembrandt’s paintings are quite telling. Ruben’s painted cellulite in high detail.  We specify that, although it was not a pressing issue. In the old days, women with prominent curves were considered very attractive. In addition, clothes covered most of the body, so they hid most of the flaws and body irregularities. Only in the second half of the twentieth century, ‘standard’ women became tall, thin and smart and cellulite has become a common suffering factor of women. Short skirts, flat feet and bathing suits have become a very important purpose.

For a time, doctors thought that cellulite is an invention of cosmetics companies who want to get rich exploiting the vulnerabilities of women. Most doctors have denied the existence of this problem or have considered it a particular problem for women who do not take care of themselves.

It is well known that women are more likely to store fat in the lower part of the body. Men have a significant apple body shape, and women have usually got pear shaped. With age, the metabolism rate slows down and the fat starts accumulating in prone areas. However, cellulite is not only specific in obese women. And this must be internal motivation.

Potential Causes of Cellulite

  • Accumulation in the lower fat reserves can be attributed to the fact that women are designed to give birth and thus helped to carry the load area.
  • Accumulation of fat makes older woman voluptuous, soft and more attractive to men.
  • Gravity is also to blame when it comes to cellulite. Fat accumulates on the sides and the lower part of the body. It is not yet discovered why this gravitational force only act on women…

Alternative medicine, on the other hand, recognized this problem and has done an extensive research. Cellulite is a French word, French doctors stated it in the 50s. They believed that cellulite is not only fat, but its accumulation is due to water retention in the body and may even cause arthritis.

Nevertheless what is cellulite?
Now know that cellulite is no ordinary fat. It is a mixture of liquid and toxins in body fat. The toxins can’t be removed easily by the body and then they are starting to be stored in areas distant from the vital organs.

Cellulite is a problem that is exclusive to females. The female hormone –oestrogen- plays a very important in the formation of cellulite. The more oestrogen is eliminated, the greater predisposition to cellulite. Oestrogen is responsible for water retention in the body.  Today women’s body oestrogen levels are higher than the amount that considered normal.

What is oestrogen?

Oestrogen has a clear goal: The woman’s body prepares for pregnancy and childbirth. Oestrogen carries waste from the body’s vital organs to areas where their decay is not so harmful. This is where cellulite forms. In men this waste is deposited in the arteries, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It seems that the nature actually wanted to protect us. Both cellulitis and cardiovascular diseases are consequences of stress, improper nutrition, lack of physical movement, etc. Only the severity varies.

A detailed study in France discovers that cells affected by cellulite have a brown, smelly dope inside them. It has no physiological function. Conventional means of weight loss have no effect on cellulite.

Since the body cannot properly calculate the amount of toxins,
IT Can’t get rid of cellulite for the simple fact that once reached the safe storage areas, the body thinks it has ended up. And do not make any effort to get rid of these natural toxins. Cellulite is a clear sign that our body stores toxins.

Factors contributing to accumulation of toxins:

  • Air Pollution – Highly polluted urban environment and the amount of negative substances ingested is high enough. The only thing we can do is to move to areas that are less industrial.
  • Water. We consume substances that are harmful including water. Cooking and drinking water can be cleaned through the filter system. But substances are absorbed through the skin when we wash… On the other hand, the low consumption of water is a fact. Because people have replaced water with all kinds of other drinks that have a harmful effect on the body’s intake.  But water is the fluid that helps the body eliminate toxins more.
  • Parasites infected, WHO 4.5 billion people.  Medicine claims that a large proportion of serious diseases are triggered by parasites.
  • Smoking and alcohol – Nicotine is very harmful for the body.  Smoking brings many toxic substances into the body. Nicotine is a powerful pollutant without any nutritional value.  Nicotine intake prevents absorption of vitamin C and zinc. It binds to oxygen molecules, reducing the amount required for the proper functioning of cells. Therefore, each cell receives less oxygen than needed. Nicotine has an adverse effect on haemoglobin – the main oxygen conveyor of the body.
  • Coffee – Coffee is probably the most dangerous ingredient, because it contains caffeine.  Caffeine prevents the absorption of essential minerals such as iron. Caffeine also increases the secretion of adrenalitis and this puts pressure on the liver, kidneys and supra-renal glands. Caffeine increases blood cholesterol level.
  • Foods that contribute to the development of cellulite are: sugar, dairy products, meat products that are technologically preserved.
  • Sedentary refers to people who work extremely static. It is shown that for every half hour of sitting, we need 5 minutes of light physical movements to stimulate circulation. Some exercise may even accelerate the formation of cellulite, pressure and effort areas. Pilates and jogging are not indicated when you want to get rid of cellulite. The best types of exercises for cellulite are walking and swimming. They give a soft load intensity and are sufficient.  The best time to start regular exercise is when cellulite formation began to disperse, and removed from the body. Regular exercise can be resumed when the cellulite starts to disperse.

Cell types and stages of development

Researchers have found that there are two different types of cellulite. Cellulite surface and depth (it requires more time to be eliminated).

If we look for causes:

  • Cellulitis caused by consumption of high-fat dairy. It is easily removed and it’s also women’s specific weakness.
  • Cellulitis caused by physical inactivity. It is also easily removed.
  • Cellulitis caused by hormonal disorders occurring after taking the contraceptive pill.
  • Cellulite hereditary (it is extremely difficult to remove). If in the youth period it has not fought of, the cellulite appearance, age shall say. The skin loses its elasticity, peripheral circulation is poor, changing hormonal profile. All this is due to the extremely favourable for the appearance of cellulite.

The appearance of cellulite is very individual. Some young women have cellulite, in others its manifested especially after 40 years. Cellulite is evident in overweight women or the older. But it is a general rule.

How do we know if we are predispose to cellulite?
A first sign would be the presence of isolated dimples on some areas of the body. In places where it stores these toxins, the skin is cold. Its a result of poor circulation. The skin is white and does not tan evenly.

Sequential development of cellulite
Step 1 – Swelling. At this stage the skin is still smooth and firm, but cuts and bruises are harder to cure. The body starts slowing down the blood circulation, fluid is retained in subcutaneous adipose tissue and the fluid between cells accumulates toxins.

Step 2 – Acute swelling. At this stage there is a slight roughness, visible when the muscle contracts. This increases the pressure inside the tissue. The fluid builds up, the veins are compressed and elimination pathways of the cells are closed. Fat deposits become dense.

Step 3 – When you tighten the skin and there is already a noticeable orange peel. Liquid tightens around arteries. Peripheral veins in the legs are not working properly, the blood stagnates in the capillaries. Vessel walls are thin and some veins burst.  An increased appear of bruises without a specific source.

Step 4 – Cellulite is highly visible. You can see bumps and grooves and the skin appears dry. Tuberosity is pronounced even when the muscles are relaxed. Connective tissue is inflamed. The skin is cold and acquires a bluish tinge. If you tighten the skin, it hurts.

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