Hand Care

Hands describe us as a person more than we think. They are an original business card for every woman and an indicator of success. Human hands are not only able to demonstrate their extraordinary strength and perseverance – if necessary, but their gentleness and softness.

In all cases, hands should be taken care of. Do not forget to put cream on them after each wash to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, also from dryness, irritation, scratches, cuts and pigment spots.

As an example, a statistical average woman: washes her hands 5 times a day, cleans her hands along with vegetables 20 times a month, washes her hair about a 150 times per year, cleans t / using different harmful to the hue bathroom/kitchen about 500 times in 10 years using chemicals, and washes the pots about 36000 times in a life time. More – walks out in the cold, sunbathes on the beach, and uses the keyboard. Uses powders, gels, chemicals, toothpaste, etc. But no one thinks about the challenge this is for our hands.

The skin on the hands is generally thin, poorly hydrated, contains only a few sebaceous glands, it is very fragile, vulnerable and often suffers from dryness. In the absence of proper care, hands will age faster than other parts of the body. Hands will not forgive us neglecting them. They must be cared for every day, regardless of our mood and age. Well-groomed hands with clean nails are a sign of elegance and aristocracy. And most importantly – youth. No wonder that it is the body part to determine the actual age of a woman.

41102Snake Oil Hand CreamHeals, soothes broken or irritated skin. Removes dryness and flaking.After each hand wash or when needed
40102Aloe Vera Repairing Hand CreamThe cream effectively heals damages and scratches on your hands, protects skin against hostile environmental effects and moistens it.After each hand wash or when needed
40101Cow’s Milk Hand CreamEffectively moistens, softens, nourishes, smoothens out and soothes irritated skin. Makes hands tender and velvety.After each hand wash or when needed
40104Sheep Placenta and Pearl CreamThe cream provides a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Prevents nail fragility, facilitates their strengthening.After each hand wash or when needed
40105Sheep Milk Nourishing and Moisturising Hand CreamEffectively moistens, softens and smoothens out hand skin, provides tenderness and velvetiness.After each hand wash or when needed
40103Sheep Embryo Essence Hand Cream With Aloe Vera ExtractThe cream provides a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Prevents nail fragility and facilitates their strengthening.After each hand wash or when needed
40106Rejuvenating cream with Ling Zhi extractThe cream possesses expressed softening, moistening and healing properties. Activates the process of damaged cell regeneration, smoothers out wrinkles, lightens up pigment spots and prevents their formation, makes the skin young and smooth. After each hand wash or when needed
40107Intensive Hand Care CreamThis cream intensively nourishes, softens and eliminates irritations and exfoliates.After each hand wash or when needed
40126Hand Care for MenThe cream is ideal for the care of men’s hands that are frequently exposed to the influence of the aggressive environment. Softens the skin, quickly removes irritation and exfoliates, intensively nourishes, prevents skin ageing and restores elasticity.After each hand wash or when needed

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