Serum – Encapsulated Goodness

Cosmetics today it is necessary to use new technologies to create new cosmetic products. Thus emerged the ingredients, which work at the level of the Nano scale. Contemporary cosmetics are not only meant to enhance the looks, but have become a tool of the reaction on the cellular and even molecular level, regulating a variety of physiological processes in the skin. New and interesting components – peptides. We have already come across those in the ”203040”, Zhenfei Perfect, Master Class and Collagen Active series.

Care capsule
Cosmetics capsules have a more pronounced effect compared with other cosmetics of everyday use. They are produced in sterile conditions and packaged in air-tight, the soft gelatine capsules, which have the maximum concentration of natural active components without the addition of any synthetic components (preservatives, stabilizers, etc.)
Due to the high concentration of active ingredients encapsulated, it instantly improves the cosmetic appearance of the skin, and normalises healthy cell functions.
Active ingredients: Sturgeon milt extract, silk proteins, jojoba oil, coenzyme Q10, squalane and carrageenan.

Three types of Serum

Face Corrective Serum

Hair Repair Live-In Serum

Eye Corrective Serum

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