Who are you?

We are the leading UK distributors of TianDe Natural Cosmetic products. We are running the East Anglia’s largest Service Centre of TianDe, distributing products across the whole UK to our Retail Clients and Consultants.

Do you have an Online Shop?

Yes. We are in partnership with the Everest Group that is running the TianDe online shop that we supply products for. The shop address is www.tiandeshop.co.uk

How to order products from you?

All of your orders will be done through www.tiandeshop.co.uk. It does not matter whether you are a smart shopper/business partner or a retail client. www.tiandeshop.co.uk is the only system that we use for orders.

If you are a retail client, you can order products through Online Shop normally. If you are a smart shopper/business partner, you can also order from Online Shop after having discount applied to your account.

What is your delivery period?

We aim to deliver products within 7 days from purchase. Usually, you should receive the products within 3-4 days.

How often does your catalogue change?

Catalogues change once a year. Bare in mind that TianDe is fresh on the market and not all of the products are available on the European market, therefore the catalogue may not contain several items that have just been released.

What means TianDe?

TianDe is a Chinese term, and it means “Heavenly Perfection”. It is an idea that people can be happy, healthy and naturally beautiful – not artificially enhanced in looks.

What are TianDe Cosmetics?

TianDe Products are natural cosmetics based on the Chinese, Tibetan and Altaian medicinal practices. Nanotechnology has been used in the production which allows a deep penetration of active ingredients into the skin. TianDe products are called cosmeceuticals – products with therapeutic properties. TianDe offers products for most needs of the human skin and body – it is promoting a holistic approach.

What is so special about TianDe?

TianDe as a Corporation is following the needs of the world by turning into a natural way of life. It is constantly preparing and planning for the new era of ecological products and a healthy life. TianDe has great plans to create all natural series for all of our needs. With regards to products, all of the products contain a unique mixture of herbs that have been specifically prepared by Chinese Medicine Masters to help us with treating various conditions. TianDe cosmetics do not only satisfy the needs of the skin but also the whole body.

Where is the Company from?

TianDe is based in Altai – Barnaul. One of the most ecological places on the planet.

Where are TianDe Cosmetics Produced?

TianDe produces cosmetics in the closest place to harvesting herbs and plants – China. In order to maintain freshness and the quality of herbs, due to logistic reasons, it is the most optimal place to produce cosmetics. TianDe also has a factory in Italy where part of the products is being produced but it is planning to open more factories across the globe. Just to mention, all of the factories that TianDe cosmetics are being produced have been certified with ISO 9001:2000 (revised by 9001:2008)

What is ISO?

ISO – International Organization for Standardization.

The ISO 9000 family addresses various aspects of quality management and contains some of ISO’s best known standards. The standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.

Are these products safe to use?

Yes. Before products enter the European market they must pass strict European examination which are undertaken by The National Institute of Health in Prague. All of the products sold on European market are also certified.

Do TianDe cosmetics contain parabens?

Yes. Parabens are the most researched preservatives in the world and are used in many products like juices and food. Although parabens can be created artificially, TianDe even in this aspect, reached for an innovative method and is acquiring parabens from plants such as blueberry where they occur naturally. Please refer to this article for more information – Should we avoid parabens?

How can I join TianDe?

TianDe offers two ways of joining the business:

Business Partner – you will be entitled Smart Shoppers benefits plus you will be able to create your team of business partners and generate additional income. You will also be included in various rewards programmes offered by TianDe – Business Info

Smart Shopper – you will be entitled to discount on the products and you will have the right to promote TianDe and resell its products – Smart Shopper Info 

Does joining TianDe cost anything?

No. Registration is free of charge.

In order to become Smart Shopper you will only need to complete registration and make a Retail Purchase for approx. £35. Further purchases will be reduced.

In order to become Business Partner you will have to complete registration and purchase a business pack which costs approx. £85