How to use Feet Detoxifying Plaster

How to apply patches detoxification Master coat?

The patch detoxification is recommended to use after the age of 12. However, practical experience associated with the use, demonstrated the ability to measure the effectiveness of its use also in an earlier age (after the age 3). In this case, the parents take responsibility for the treatment.

In order to purify the body before bedtime, you should stick the patch onto clean feet. Please open the package, stick sachet of the phyto-powder on the opposite side to sticky side of the patch, soft side up. Then fix the skin. In the morning, rinse the skin with water.

The minimum single use of the patch is 6-8 hours, 8-10 hours optimally. During this time the disease can extend to 12-24 hours. In this case it is recommended to stick the patch on for up to 21.00 hours (until the “openness” of bioactive points).

How to Plasters

Slices are stuck onto the inner side of the foot. The sole of the foot has about 60 nerve endings. This is a very sensitive place, especially used in acupuncture. Stimulation of selected nerve responds to individual organs. Added to stimulate the organs to work more efficiently. Blood flows through the body more efficiently so that oxygen and nutrients are delivered more quickly and more often to individual tissues. Slices can also be stuck onto the knees, elbows or the back, to minimize discomfort.

The effect is visible to the naked eye !

Before application, the patches are white and dry. In the morning you can see a distinct color change from brown to black. Additionally, slices ​​very often smell bad and are damp/wet. This is a tangible evidence of the effective operation of patches. Visible huge amount of toxins indicates an active process of purification.

How long to cleaning patches ?

Slices should be applied every night for 5 days. Repeat the treatment after a 2- day break. Treatment should repeated 3 times. At this time, you should observe changes in the surface of the patches. But we must remember that everyone‘s body is different and reacts differently , some are less , some more contaminated , sometimes after the first treatment people do not see any big effects. The body is exposed to toxins constantly. Therefore, we recommend the use of treatments 3-4 times a year.

An intensive course of cleansing the body may take from 7 to up to 90 days (depending on the amount of deposits and toxins accumulated in the body, and disease severity). The day on which the patch does not change its color, should be considered as the last course of purifying the body.

Take advantage of the power of patch cleaning!

Slices cleansing became a hit in Asia and conquers the European market. The unique formulation allows for efficient and gentle way to detoxify the body and eliminate the risk of many diseases. Based on an old Chinese saying “Prevention is better than curing the disease the day before your death”, start detoxifying your body today.

Note! Do not apply to eyes and the pubic area. Do not attach patches to extensive wounds and burns. It is forbidden to carry out cleansing treatment slices when you are: pregnant or a nursing mother, infants and children up to 12 years of age, people who are allergic to any of the ingredients.

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