Top 5 questions about TianDe products

1. What is the difference between TianDe products and other products available on the market?

TianDe products are based on Chinese Medicine Recipes and Wisdom. They are produced out of the most ecological resources available which are processed with use of the most advanced technology. All manufacturers are certified with ISO 9001-2002.

Ingredients in each products have been carefully chosen and prepared to serve the purpose. As Cosmeceuticals, TianDe products have therapeutic properties for our bodies that can help with various body related problems.

2. Do TianDe products possess medical properties?

No. TianDe products serve as bioactive supplements for our skin and body. Irregular or improper eating, stress and harmful environmental effects have a negative impact on our whole body. The skin as an organ of protection/barrier is exposed to external factors the most. Vitamins and minerals are obtained from food and used to support the work of internal organs first, while the skin gets the leftovers – in the best case. As TianDe products are rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential ingredients needed by the skin, it helps to provide the nutrition that is required. Additional ingredients included (Based on Chinese Medicine) treat common conditions.

3. What are differences and similarities between TianDe product series?

Each product series is designed for a certain age and aims to address the issues that arise. Each product has been thought through and discussed with Chinese Medicinal Experts. The purpose, best way of interaction with the body and ingredients have been carefully prepared to suit a purpose. All of series are designed to help, but there are specifications of how to use it and at what age with what skin type. The saying “prevention is better than the cure” suits TianDe best. The main purpose of all of the products is to protect the skin from negative factors contributing to premature ageing and to treat conditions. TianDe Cosmetic series contain antioxidants that are used for the prevention and removal of existing problems associated with the effects of free radical damage on the skin.

4. Is there a high risk of allergic reactions to TianDe products

No. All TianDe products are clinically tested for allergens and have been pronounced hypoallergenic. However, it is impossible to guarantee 100% that you will not be sensitive to one or another product. For example, some people are allergic to honey or strawberry, both products are natural and extremely useful. Thus if you were to use the “Honey and Peach Body Salt”, you most probably would get an allergic reaction. Although as said before, TianDe has made sure that all of the products are hypoallergenic and the risk of allergies is minimized. In Europe, products are approved by the National Institute of Health in Prague where it is  determined whether products are safe to use.

If you tend to have allergies, you may want to try the cosmetic product on a small area of ​​the skin of the hand. Wait several hours for the effect before applying the product onto facial skin.

5. There is a stereotype that good product must be expensive, why TianDe is so affordable?

The cost of products (any products) is a sum of production costs, delivery costs, warehouse space and retail, the cost of advertising (the highest percentage) etc. TianDe products are distributed through a system of multi-level marketing (networks of consultants), thus TianDe is bypassing middlemen, advertising, storage etc. and reduces further costs which enables the distribution of quality high guaranteed products at an affordable price.

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