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The human skin changes from the age of 35. It starts to lack firmness and elasticity as less collagen is being produced.

The first sign of reduced production of collagen is the appearance of facial wrinkles. During the first five years after the start of menopause, the skin loses 30% of its initial collagen level. Therefore, it is very important to apply cosmetics appropriate to the age at this time. The TianDe Collagen Active Line is based on the hydrolyzate of floral collagen. It is a response to the basic needs of women, using modern technology, effectively solving the problems of skin changes caused by age.

Collagen hydrolyzate (Hydrolyzed Collagen) –is a product obtained from hydrolysis of collagen (fibrillated protein). Collagen consists of amino acids: asparagine, leucine, glutamate acid, lysine, glycerin, valine and methionine. It positively affects the functional condition of the skin, moisturizes and regenerates. It has nutritional, rejuvenating and healing properties.

Production of collagen hydrolyzate – a unique patented membrane technology. In simple terms, it means that at the beginning of the process, the three collagen molecule chains are sliced up; their structure is ruptured into very small fragments (collagen hydrolyzate) in a unique way. In the final stage, with the use of membrane technology, collagen fragments are separated to obtain a length which is a 100% compatible with the human skin. The use of this technology makes it possible to obtain collagen hydrolyzate that is of the highest quality and purity possible. Penetrating the skin, low molecular weight hydrolyzate of collagen fragments effectively lock into free spaces in human skin collagen, resulting in slowing down the aging process and the development of wrinkles. In the deep layers of the skin lower molecular weight fragments can join the metabolic reaction. This gives off the effect of nourishment and regeneration of collagen cosmetics. In addition, certain low molecular weight products (e.g. amino acids), are located in the outer layer are able to retain water and moisturize the skin.

When applied on the skin, collagen preparation creates a gas – permeable thin film, which helps to concentrate the water in the subcutaneous tissues. According to recent research, redundant tissue has a moisturizing effect on compatible proteolysis, that is, the process of opening of protein structures and triggers the mechanism of the synthesis of new collagen molecules. This leads to the renewal of the basic skin structures and its overall rejuvenation. Hydrolyzed collagen is used as a specialized nutrient component for tired skin. Organic interacts with hyaluronic acid, D- panthenol, antioxidants, essential oils and plant extracts, which are all a part of the Active Collagen cosmetics line.

Collagen Active Line Marble

The TianDe Collagen Active Line consists of a collagen crystal mask, which made from natural low pressed collagen molecule and saturated hyaluronic acid. It is developed using nanotechnology and achievements of modern cosmetology. Masks saturate the skin with collagen, fill wrinkles in from within and level out the surface of the face. They have lifting properties, intensely moisturize, stimulate the intercellular exchange and cell regeneration and improve skin firmness. Crystal collagen is an active participant in the process of renewal of tissues, stimulates the renewal of the skin’s own collagen.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which is another part of the crystalline collagen mask, is a product of nanotechnology. Its molecules are 200 – 400 times smaller than the normal hyaluronic acid molecules. It effectively preserves moisture: they have the power to keep the mass 6,000 times greater than their own. With such quality cosmetics, that have low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, looking after the skin and enriching it with water has never been easier. As a result, tissue volume increases, the fibers become more flexible and wrinkles disappear. Crystal Collagen masks are crucial when completing the active renewable Anti -Age therapy.

Active ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen, olive oil extract, chamomile oil, castor oil, Hamamelis extracts, aloe, seaweed, caffeine , tar gum, honey from the nectar of a sunflower.

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