The Fucoidan Series

Fucoidans occur naturally in the cell walls of brown seaweeds. They function to protect the plant from water-borne pathogens and other environmental challenges. Fucoidans are long chain polysaccharides characterised by a complex molecular structure and varying degrees of sulfation and acetylation.


For centuries, fucoidan-containing seaweeds have been prized for their dietary and therapeutic properties. Their medicinal properties have been particularly well documented in Asian cultures, where seaweeds have been used to address health conditions that range from nausea, congestion and inflammation through to abscesses and tumours. Despite this long history of seaweeds as medicinal agents, it was not until the twentieth century that fucoidan was first isolated and recognised for its therapeutic potential.

Over the past thirty years there has been an upswell in interest in fucoidan. Most of the scientific evidence supporting the physiological benefits of fucoidan has been obtained during this time, with Marinova leading the way. As a result of this research, fucoidan extracts are now used in a variety of applications including dietary supplements, medical devices, veterinary products and topical formulations for skincare and dermatology.

How are fucoidans different?

Not all fucoidans are the same. They are a class of natural compounds that have been widely researched and shown to exert beneficial bioactivities in a range of human health settings.  Research conducted by Marinova has confirmed that fucoidan bioactivity is dependent upon two key factors:

  • The method of extraction; and
  • The seaweed species from which it has been derived.

These two factors are the ultimate determinants of efficacy. Traditional methods of extraction compromise the integrity and functionality of the resulting fucoidan. In contrast, our solvent-free Maritech® process yields nature-identical extracts of superior quality with enhanced bioactivity.

Olive extract contains practically all vitamins and trace elements that are necessary to maintain healthy-looking skin. Rich in tocopherols, linoleic acid, it is a powerful energostimulator, struggling with the devastating effects of free radicals. A great nourishes, moisturizes the skin, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands.

TianDe Fucoidan

Facial Cleansing and Décolletage Purifying Milk, 100g


Regular cleansing is a must-have for efficient skin care and eternal beauty.

It is the basis of the following skin care regimen.
Start your skin care with a right product!

TianDe Fucoidan Facial Cleansing and Décolletage Purifying Milk gently and efficiently removes grease and dirt,
leaves your skin feeling hydrated and comfortable.

Fucoidan Milk is a very delicate product that contains natural surfactants based on coconut oil fatty acids.
The legendary fucose in its formula, enhanced by moisturizing ingredients,
helps you start a full-circle anti-age skin care at the cleansing stage!

Gentle texture, efficient rejuvenating and moisturizing components, paraben- and mineral oil-free formula –
you will enjoy this Facial Cleansing and Décolletage Purifying Milk even if you have the most delicate skin.

Lather the milk in your hands with warm water. Gently massage onto your face and décolleté zone, rinse with water.

Cleansing Facial Lotion 100ml


Perfectly clean skin is the main but not the only task of the Fucoidan Cleansing Facial Lotion, and it completes it well.
With this product you will not only complete the process of cleansing but increase efficiency of the following treatment for 20-30%.

Remove makeup residue? Free your skin from dirt and dead cells?

Fucoidan Cleansing Lotion will help you reach the top level of cleansing and freshness! It is alcohol-free, so its effect onto your skin is perfectly gentle.
Fucose and other efficient ingredients in its formula let the lotion harmoniously combine thorough cleansing, intense hydration and anti-age effect.

Feel the Fucoidan power!

Use a cotton pad to apply the lotion onto your face and neck in the morning and at night.

Revitalizing Anti-Age Facial Cream, 55g


Day and night cream in one bottle is a dream of every woman!
TianDe makes this dream come true.

Now your dressing table will be occupied by our new Fucoidan cream.

Light, easily absorbing Fucoidan Revitalizing Anti-Age Facial Cream works in several directions.
It is a truly multi-functional product! Intense nourishing and deep hydration is combined with rejuvenating and regenerating effect.

Include this Revitalizing Cream in your Fucoidan skin care regimen and see amazing results!

Your skin will glow with beauty and youth, wrinkles and fine lines will become less visible, and new ones won’t appear.
If you have sensitive or stressed skin – Fucoidan Revitalizing Anti-Age Facial Cream is your choice.
It is suitable for all skin types, makes it incredibly elastic and beautiful.

Apply a small amount of cream to clean face and neck with gentle circling motions, avoiding the eye area.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Concentrate Gel, 25g


It’s not a news for you that skin around eyes is very thin and delicate, so it needs special treatment.

Its thickness is only 0.5 mm – like a sheet of paper. It is the first to get wrinkles, any fatigue transforms into dark circles and puffiness under eyes… Stop!

You can prevent this with the Fucoidan Anti-Wrinkle Eye Concentrate Gel!

A combination of active rejuvenating and moisturizing components grants your eyes with a feeling of freshness and youthful look.

The gel will restore tightness of skin around eyes, smooth existing fine lines and prevents new ones.
Be sure, your eyes won’t tell anything about your age, only about your beauty and youth!

Gently pad the Concentrate Gel into the skin around eyes.

For better effect use in the morning and in the evening.

Do not massage.

Face, Neck and Décolletage Rejuvenating Cream Mask, 80g


Pamper your skin with creamy texture rich with nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients…

Pamper it with the new Fucoidan Face, Neck and Décolletage Rejuvenating Cream Mask!

It will respond with beauty and youthful look, freshness and glow that you don’t need to hide!

Turn on nice music, apply the Rejuvenating Cream Mask, close your eyes, relax and let the active ingredients do their work!
They will moisturize your skin, visibly improve its turgor and smooth advanced fine lines and wrinkles.

After the procedure, you can enjoy your reflexion in the mirror!


Apply the Cream Mask to clean face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the area around eyes.

Remove residue with a tissue in 20 minutes.

CC cream, 40g


Skin imperfections spoil your mood and layers of foundation add a discomfort?

Forget about the multi-layered coverage for your skin.
Our new TianDe CC cream gives you everything your skin needs to look perfect!

CC cream is a real magic wand of the cosmetic world.
Seems it can do anything: even skin tone, cover imperfections, provide SPF protection and moisturize above all.

TianDe moved even further – now the CC cream not just conditions and moisturizes your skin but rejuvenates it,
as its formula contains fucose and other effective ingredients.
You don’t need to choose the shade – TianDe “smart” cream adjusts to your skin tone and blends smoothly, without the “mask” effect.

Weightless and long-lasting coverage of imperfections, even skin tone and relief,
moisturizing and anti-age action – everything you need in one Fucoidan CC cream!

Distribute the CC cream onto clean face with light motions.

Lip Soothing Balm

Tender and silky, soft and moisturized… Lips that are used to the TianDe Fucoidan Balm are so inviting to kiss them! With our new balm for extreme smoothing, your lips will be under protection in any weather. It creates a secure barrier between the negative environment and thin skin of your lips, preventing their dryness and shedding. The protective effect is reinforced with the UV-filter. Fucoidan balm can be used not only on your lips. It is perfect for any rough skin. Just a drop of this balm – and even your elbows and heels are soft and smooth.


Apply the balm to your lips or rough skin.