What is Corrective Serum

You have used creams that give your face visible results, but not immediately? Have you always paid attention to the components of those products in order to avoid synthetic and chemical ingredients? Then the TianDe regenerating serum in capsules is the one you must try.

Regenerating Serum in capsules

The Regenerating Serum in capsules has two main features that make it different from any other products:

First of all, the regenerating serum has components, that not only help to achieve a visible effect, but its components and concentrates support the skin and its cells. It improves the metabolism of the skin, and slows down the ageing processes.

The Regenerating Serum provides extra saturation and nourishment to the skin. This means that the recovery serum face consists of mineral substances which have the most beneficial effect on the skin.

Second of all, the Repairing Serum is a very natural product. Its action is based on the latest scientific discoveries and inventions, and the ancient knowledge about the beneficial effects on the skin of this or any other component. Its highly active complex comes from valuable natural ingredients, it deeply penetrates the skin and stimulates cell renewal, strengthens connective tissues and extracellular matrix, accelerates collagen synthesis, provides complete care. Intensively rejuvenates the skin, reduces wrinkles and increases skin elasticity and turgor actively neutralize free radicals.

Components contained in the TianDe serum for recovery 

Each capsule contains seven active natural ingredients.

Extract from sturgeon caviar – due to the unique contents of the biologically active molecule, responsible for the regulation of the metabolism of connective tissue it contains substances that regulate the immunomodulating activity and improve the metabolism of hyaluronic acid. This stimulating effect provides rejuvenation and regeneration and support of cells at a high level.

Silk proteins quickly restore the skin, smooth wrinkles out, effectively moisturize the skin and provide a lifting effect.

Coenzyme Q10 present in all tissues of the body is a very powerful antioxidant, popularly called the “enzyme of youth.” Responsible for energy metabolism of skin cells, restoring and accumulating the vitamin E in tissues.

Squalene – In its composition of 90% coincides with the matrix, whereby contributing to the efficient maintenance of the health and youthful cells promotes growth and recovery of cells which was saturated with oxygen and they neutralize harmful substances.

Jojoba oil – moisturizes the skin, making it useful for all skin types – oily, normal and dry. Because of its deep penetration, it provides perfect continuous care and treatment.

Vitamin E – Effectively protects the skin from harmful UV rays, providing skin rejuvenation.

Vitamin A – Is responsible for the accelerated renewal of the epidermis and controlled keratinization of the skin. It regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands and activates the synthesis of collagen.

Features of the TianDe regenerating serum in capsules

The delicate oil composition of the serum nicely aromatises the person as instantly creates a feeling of extreme comfort.

The serum is instantly absorbed, leaving no hint of greasy skin. This allows the use of the capsules at any time, even minutes before going out.

It may be used by any age. After 20 years of age – for a faster recovery of the skin after stress, after 35 years of age – to prevent skin ageing.

Method of administration

Course of 1-2 times a day for 15-20 days for prophylaxis, in combination with cream or a mask (for a change) or self-addition to caring for the face and neck when you want to restore the colour of your face and skin tone.

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