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Traditional-synthetic detergents, such as powders, liquids and laundry flakes contain surfactants and phosphates. These synthetic ingredients remain in the fabric, despite rinsing. They remain in contact with our body, destroying the natural layer of our skin and cause irritation, rashes, allergic changes, discomfort and itching.
The active compounds- phosphates and polycarboxylates remove dirt in traditional washing powders.


TianDe washing balls cause the separation of minerals and negatively charged ions that effectively remove dirt from the fabric when in contact with water. Pellets of tourmaline in TianDe washing balls produce high-energy infrared waves that stimulate the frequency of the vibrations of the water and thus increase the cleaning power. Only tourmaline has the ability to emit, far infrared radiation and is characterized by an unusually high concentration of negative ions. This is all without phosphates, artificial dyes, optical brighteners, fragrances and even soaps. Washing balls, or rather their use is friendly to our health, environment and clothing. They are also long lasting and friendly to our pockets.
Tourmaline effectively removes dust mites and even mould or fungus from underwear or clothes due to its strong antibacterial properties. The second blue ball with silver -neutralizes dust mite allergens and other parasites.

Washing may be safe by converting the chemical way to the physical. It is based on the use of physical, natural abilities – Ecospheres. These are 100% natural, containing ingredients, such as:

  • Tourmaline
  • Zeolites
  • Rare metals – to increase electrical conductivity of water
  • Colloidal silver

TOURMALINE –Is a mineral crystal, multi-coloured semi-precious stone, which belongs to the group of silicates. It is characterized by an exceptionally high negative field and a high content of negative ions. It emits far infrared radiation. It is a very rare mineral, which is easily electrified. It also has strong absorption abilities, when slightly heated, cleanses the environment from bacteria and refreshes. Gives the washing a fresh mountain scent.

ZEOLITE– Is a silicate mineral, crystal. Glico silicates are hydrated silicates of sodium and calcium. They soften the water by absorption of calcium and phosphorus. They are used in our washing balls as a water softener.


Colloidal Silver has antibacterial properties. Silver is a natural antibiotic, improves water disinfection and purification from bacteria and microorganisms. (A glass of tap water contains about 10 million bacteria, and the same water drunk in a silver cup becomes the healing water). Silver has antibacterial, anti-viral and anti- fungal properties. If the antibiotic destroys 6-7 harmful bacteria, the silver destroys 650 pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds. In contrast to antibiotics, silver does not destroy a positive bacteria flora.

Why to use Ecospheres?

  1. Washing with ecospheres does not destroy the fibre and colour of the fabric.
  2. They neutralize dust mite allergens, mould and mildew.
  3. Wash without chemicals, which often irritate and cause skin allergies.
  4. They do not require softeners because washing balls give the washing softness and flexibility.
  5. We wash at low temperatures, therefore save energy.
  6. Washing balls are sufficient to 1200 washes, helping you save on powders and liquids.
  7. Underwear does not require additional rinsing, which saves water.
  8. Using TianDe washing balls, costs about 20 times less than chemical cleaning…
  9. Why pay more and put ourselves in contact with the chemicals…
  10. We protect our health, save money, clothes and also our environment – eco-friendly.
  11. Washing with Ecospheres prevents our washing machines from scale build-up and this extends their service.

How to use Ecospheres?

Wash necessary in normal mode, in accordance with the directions on the clothing tags and labels. When the washing machine is rinsing and spinning, spheres do not need to be taken out of the washing machine. Hand-washing is highly recommended, pre-soaking things 1-1.5 hours. Delicate things should be placed in special washing bags.

IMPORTANT: When washing, water temperature should not exceed 60 º C. Once a month regularly tourmaline areas need to be dried by placing under the direct rays of the sun for a few hours.

2 spheres are guaranteed to be enough for 400 washes and tested that will last 1200 washes or 2 years of daily use (depending on which event occurs first)Tourmaline sphere for washing TianDe cost the same as washing powder packing only enough only for the last few months – and the areas you will use within 2 years. One set of spheres provide effective 1200 washes. To wash 1,200 times with powder you would need 20-30 times more money!

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