Why The Price Of TianDe Mascara?

Mascara City Chic 80804 is very well distributed and gives our eyelashes a naturally lustrous appearance, also:

  1. It cares for our eyelashes; moisturizing and greasing them. The ingredients contained in it leave a protective film on the eyelashes. The composition of the ink causes the eyelashes to grow back and recover their natural glow and appearance.
  2. You can achieve a result in the form of a beautifully curled up eyelash, it lengthens the eyelashes with the soft and flexible silicone brush.
  3. It is hypoallergenic. That‘s another advantage. It is prone to all sorts of allergies, irritation and tearing. City Chic mascara does not irritate the conjunctiva.
  4. What is important! Our mascara will not wash off under the influence of water, tears, or high temperature. What does the mascara wash off with? We can use milk, face gel, or simply warm water. The ink washes off easily and does not stain the eye area black (Panda effect).



  • Silica – A composition of vitamins, minerals, vitamins and herbs. It affects the rapid re-growth and strengthens the lashes. It is the second most common mineral on Earth. It is widely used in the cosmetic industry. It is white, used in cosmetic completely transparent. It feels extremely smooth and silky. This also gives applies to the properties of cosmetics in which it was applied. Diffuses the light which helps to visually reduce fine wrinkles and skin defects. Added in low concentration, it improves the flow ability of powder. Suitable for smoothness and silkiness cosmetics, improves application. Has adsorbing properties. It can be used in recipes containing vegetable oils and essential oils.
  • Silicon – Results in better application and distribution of the mascara and prevents it from drying out and is responsible for hydration.
  • Candelilla Cera – Vegetable wax – Pedilanthes Pavons – the wax comes from the leaves from the tree. It is much more durable than bee’s wax, insoluble in water and is also an excellent, natural stabilizer of the emulsion. It is a substance -fat content, which gives a protective film to the eyelashes. This wax provides better adhesion of the mascara (not crushed) and gives the effect of thickening and lengthening. This wax is also resistant to high temperature, despite the durability of the mascara, which is easily washed off with warm milk or even water.
  • Titanium Dioxide – Is an odourless substance, insoluble in water and soluble in oils. Used in colour cosmetics (powders, lipsticks or sleepers) it has a white pigment used as a brightener. It is resistant to light, and added in a micronized (finely ground) to the colourless form of cosmetic ingredients, the mixture became turbid and it hinders the penetration of light – that’s what makes it an effective UVA and UVB rays filter (also in cosmetics with very high factors), giving protection against sun burns.
  • Magnesium Stearate – Prevents the formation of lumps (caking), improves traction, increases the opacity of eyelashes, and increases the sleek, which does not allow the lashes stick together.

Good Advice

  1. Before you begin the application, powder your lashes – it stays on for longer, and the lashes will not stick together. Remove the excess with a tissue.
  2. Holding the brush horizontally, apply the mascara from the foots to the tips, using a zigzag motion.
  3. To get the effect of over clocked eyelashes hold the brush to the same ends for a long time.
  4. Apply a second layer of mascara when the first one is not completely dry – avoid the formation of lumps.
  5. Apply the mascara to the lower lashes by holding the brush vertically.
  6. When the mascara is still wet, comb lashes out using a special comb to separate each one.


  1. Wash off your mascara every night, if you do not, the particles will penetrate deeply into the skin around the eyes and it will be difficult to remove
  2. Replace the mascara once every three months
  3. Never “pump” the brush in a tube of ink – this way air gets inside, and the mascara dries faster.

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