TianDe – Vitamin C Series

TianDe – Vitamin C Series has been prepared for people of all ages. These products will appeal to everyone and deliver equal effects.

Cosmetics with vitamin C have the greatest demand in the urban population that is the most vulnerable to the adverse impact of environmental factors on the skin. Skin exposed to negative factors of the environment has reduced immunity, is tired and lacks radiance (gray colored, frosted). Most of the vitamins that nourish the skin supplied with food are destroyed due to the impact of harmful UV rays. Up to 90% of the wrinkles are formed by the action of free radicals and the sunlight. Environmental pollution also affects the aging process.

How can we stop such a negative environment to retain skin’s youthfulness?

Aim your skin care to fight aging processes and switch to products that effectively assist us in the fight against the adverse effects of environmental factors on the skin. The TianDe Vitamin C Series maintains youthfulness of the skin for a long time. Products from this series act as an excellent antioxidant, which protect cells from DNA damage and stimulate the production of collagen. They help the skin to retain its youth and health.

The TianDe Vitamin C Series contains active ingredients such as: White mulberry extract, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, collagen, Vitamin E, seaweed, hydrolyzed soy protein.

The skin is saturated with vitamins through food, and because environmental pollution is very high, therefore vitamins that are supplied to the body are not sufficient. When food is digested, vitamins and nourishments are distributed firstly to organs such as the brain, heart, liver etc. Then all the nourishments are going further to the outer layers of the human body treating the skin as one of the last priorities. Therefore it is important to deliver vitamins and nourishments to the skin as eaten food may not be sufficient, especially in this day in age where foods may be of a very low nutritious value. That is why TianDe has created the “Vitamin C” series that substitutes the lack of Vitamins.

Characteristics of Vitamin C:

– Above all, it is a very strong antioxidant (effectively fights free radicals) and slows down the aging process.
– It has an excellent framework to build collagen in the skin. Penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin where it is actively involved in the synthesis of collagen fibers.
– Strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Effectiveness of Vitamin C:

– Improves skin resistance to free radicals.
– Stimulates collagen synthesis.
– Promotes cell respiration.
– Prevents skin aging.
– Regenerates the skin.
– Stimulates blood circulation.
– Whitens the skin.
– Copes well with hyperpigmentation.
– Makes the skin clean and shiny.
– De-stresses the skin.

Why all of the products from series Vitamin C work effectively?

Clean and radiant skin!

The skin needs constant purification, at least twice a day – morning and evening. After all, the urban environment – exhaust fumes and street dust – has serious negative effects! Now there’s an aid- the TianDe Vitamin C Series- for cleansing, refreshing and restoring the skin.

Vitamin C Cleaning Milk (13801)

Cleaning Milk has been specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities and makeup. Vitamin C, which is the basis of the product, is supplemented by an extract from the white mulberry root. This natural ingredient has been added to balance the source of preservation and maintain the youth and beauty of the skin.

White mulberry has long been used in traditional medicine in different countries as a natural antiseptic. It has been used to treat skin problems.  It has beneficial effects on the skin in combination with vitamin C: it enhances the protective properties of the skin and provides refreshment.

Vitamin C Refreshing tonic (13802)

This is a real “vitamin explosion” and a defibrillator for dehydrated skin. Effectively cleanses the skin, removing remnants of makeup and restores the skin’s lost pH balance. Tonic is strengthened by an Aloe Vera Extract that gives the skin a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, preparing it for further treatments.

The Aloe Vera Extract comprises of more than 20 amino acids, vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and dietary fiber. Opens and cleanses pores, penetrates deeply into the skin, moisturizes and tightens, restores the metabolism, stimulates cell regeneration, reduces inflammation and irritation.

Protection and hydration – for the whole day!

Regular, day after day facial treatments get rid of many skin problems and prevent them from appearing in the future. Good nutrition will retain the color and moisture, prolong youthfulness of the skin but also prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

TianDe Vitamin C Series for daytime skin care contains Sea Algae Extract that has a moisturizing, softening and soothing effect on the skin. In a day cream we find hydrolyzed soy protein – an amazing source of isoflavones, which are a natural contributor to youthful skin, as they are natural phyto estrogens. In effect we have vitamin C enhanced which vitamin E, which protects cells from free radical damage and is involved in the processes of tissue respiration.

Vitamin C Light Moisturizing Cream (13803)

Light Moisturizing Cream provides long-term, intensive deep skin hydration. Instantly gives the effect of smoothness, radiance and healthy appearance providing tone and elasticity. Vitamin C enhances the protective properties of the skin, preventing premature aging.

Vitamin C Eye Contour Cream (13805)

This cream moisturizes and protects the delicate skin around the eyes. Prevents premature appearance of wrinkles, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Skin of the eyelids becomes softer, smoother and more radiant.

Night meals – energy and radiance!

Night Cream restores the function of the skin and promotes better assimilation of natural nutrients. Cream applied to clean; warm and relaxed skin is designed to help and provide nutrients and additional moisture during the entire eight-hours of sleep.

Vitamin C Regenerating Cream (13804)

Revitalizing, this cream is enriched with vitamins. Its active ingredients provide nutrition and hydration of the skin during sleep, repair damaged cells, neutralizing the effect of aggressive factors, charge the skin with energy, prevent and smoother out wrinkles.

Revitalizing cream is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, which actively moisturizes the skin, promotes longer action of biologically active substances and vitamins of the cream. For example, soy phyto estrogens increase the activity of the cells, stimulate collagen synthesis, improve local immunity and restore homeostasis of the skin. Vitamins C and E actively counteract the detrimental effect of free radicals, stimulate tissue respiration, retain moisture and improve skin texture.

Five elements reinforce your skin protection from TianDe Vitamin C Series – guard your beauty day and night!

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