Feet Detoxifying Patch

Detoxification – Clean and restore health during sleep!

Master Herb detox patch  (2 pcs) is used outside the body and aims to eliminate toxins from the body. In its manufacture was used the sap of the tree carefully selected and added to the herbal extracts, mushrooms, and minerals. patch bag is a paper tape which reacts upon contact with a hot surface. The bag is a powder derived from plant extracts. The materials used are non-toxic.

It is used in food poisoning or poisoning by drugs and alcohol. It can also be used to treat fever, in case of allergies to treat rheumatism, arthritis, edema, osteoporosis, joint pain. It has tonic properties. The main effect of the patch is clean of blood and lymph. The patch works from the soles of the feet, cleansing the body of toxins, helping to eliminate excess water. Patch has an effect on tumors, helping to eliminate them and improves microcirculation.

The unique composition of the patch makes contact with the skin to produce a similar reaction infrared rays, which are heated by the skin tissues. The patch has a high absorption capacity due to natural herbal ingredients.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, the soles are more than 60 active reflex points associated with multiple internal organs. This patch accessing important channels in the body where toxins gather. The accumulation of these toxins disrupt blood flow, causing various diseases.

Regular use of the patch activates blood circulation, releasing toxins channels, regulates the endocrine glands, purifies the skin, improves complexion, skin pigmentation fades or disappears. Through the elimination of toxins, the discomfort disappears in the lower back, the shoulder, knee and toes. The patch improves sleep and even treat insomnia, improve memory, increase alertness and ability to concentrate. Releasing toxins from the body improve our state of the body and feel younger. Patch strengthens the body, improves the function of the gall bladder, stomach, and bladder intenstinelor. Relieves fatigue in the legs, helps patients heal faster, strengthens the liver. Prevents cancer, helps people constipated, treat obesity, nervous system disorders, smokers, people prone to alcohol, for proper people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Main Components of the Patch

Wood and bamboo vinegar. Bamboo vinegar heals wounds, regulates the internal organs.  This vinegar is used in Japan and China as a food or natural treatment. Vinegar is produced by distillation and can be used in making cosmetics and detergents, softens and moisturizes skin.Vinegar stimulates the production of negative ions, enhancing the elimination of toxins through cell membranes and pores.

Tourmaline (Crystal semiprecious with a chemical structure variable, a complex silicate of aluminium and boron. Instead aluminium atoms can subsitute in various proportions atoms sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, lithium, etc., resulting in variations in the physucal properties of the crystal. Another property of the tourmaline crystal is Piezoelectricity, which is manifested by the electrical polarization of the crystal as a result of the mechanical (pressure and torsion) applied to a given its axis. Also, the more kind of tourmaline, and property piroelectriciate, i.e. the appearance of electrical polarization as a result of warmin or cooling the crystal. Tourmaline is the first material to which these two properties have been observed.) – releases the ray of infrared and negative ions, opens pores, stimulates blood circulation and removes toxins. Magnetic rays activate metabolism and the molecular level. Infra-red radiation facilitates rapid release of toxins from the body, treats chronic pain and edema caused by various dieseses.

Chitosan  – unique properties of absorption. Chitosan absorbs fats, active radicals, heavy metals. It can be used for wound healing.

Agarik Brazilian  – Brazilian or fungus. It contains a number of substances with therapeutic effects.  Preliminary studies and observations indicate that direct therapeutic agarikul reduce blood glucose levels, prevent and treat diabetes. Also been used successfully in treating chronic fatigue and reduce the risk of bone loss. Eastern Medicine confirms that the Brazilian mushroom improves immunity.

Agarikul contains fibers which stimulates digestion and unsaturated fatty acids such as lanolin helps to lower serum cholesterol levels to normal blood pressure and reduce the chance of developing atherosclerosis.

Agarik is used to treat:

Cancer: for all stages of tumor development, for pacineţii who go through chemotherapy / radiotherapy.

  •  People with liver disease of any kind: Hepatitis B, C, D, initial stages of cirrhosis, etc..
  •  Men, women and children with weakened or compromised immune – men, women and children, with high rates of infectious diseases, including colds and flu;
  •  People with allergies and inflammatory diseases of the skin;
  •  People over 40 who have a weak immune system;
  •  People exposed to UV radiation, electromagnetic fields, and / or toxic chemicals;
  •  People with chronic diseases such as diabetes, chronic inflammation and chronic fatigue;
  •  Men and women with increased risk of atherosclerosis;
  •  Professional athletes and those who work in hard work;
  •  People exposed to physical or emotional stress.

Eucalyptus  – disinfectant, anti-inflammatory zone. The leaves contain tannins (up to 6%), resins, organic acids, esters, volatile oil (1-3%). The main active ingredient is the essential leaf oil. Essential oil composition: cineol (80%), pinene, mirtenol, isovaleric aldehyde, cumin, caproic and caprylic.

Corn Starch  is a very good absorbent.

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