Chilli Anti – Cellulite

Chili peppers ( ” cayenne “,” cayenne pepper “,” Turkish pepper “,” Guinea pepper”)

Its sharp taste of pepper is due to a substance called capsaicin, which has many medicinal properties include analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, it also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and digestive system.

The spicier the pepper, the more capsaicin contains.

In addition, cayenne pepper is an extremely rich source of vitamin A.

Along with turmeric, cayenne pepper is one of the most valued spices in healing and detoxifying – according to traditional east medicine (TMC).

Traditional uses include; the use as an agent exhibiting extreme heating action, reinforcing the weakened function of the liver, regulates the blood circulation, preventing bleeding. The herbal mixtures as component affect the rapid absorption and better distribution of other therapeutic components. Also used in exceptional situations, such as fainting, shock states, even with congestions and heart attacks to break the negative effects of an acute condition.

Chilli Properties

Capsaicin speeds up the burning of calories and stimulates the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates, reduces appetite, improves the performance and endurance, helps to burn fat and stops the growth of fat cells.
Capsaicin reduces the amount of body fat

Research conducted by Kawada (1986, 1991) has shown that capsaicinoids trigger a chain of physiological phenomena that help burning fat. The study, published in the Journal of Nutrition Science and Vitaminology has shown that supplements containing capsaicin and green tea extracts, result in loss of body fat – 1 pound in two weeks – compared to the placebo group.

Chili peppers can help suppress appetite

One of the main reasons for reaching for food is hunger, which is responsible for the fact that the diet is not effective. During the study found that capsaicinoids reduce the body’s need for energy. While taking capsaicin energy is released and a signal is sent to the brain that hunger is gone, and the body does not need more food. This process is called the satiety reflex. An example of the impact of chilli peppers on appetite suppression is presented in an article published in 2001 in the British Journal of Nutrition (Yoshioka 2001), in which it was found that people, who ate chillies, needed about 956 calories less to achieve the required energy in comparison to the group, who was taking the placebo.

Capsaicin accelerates calorie burning

In theory, weight loss is a very simple matter: energy consumption (in the form of calories) must be higher than the consumption of energy (in the form of food). However, each expert in nutrition can prove that it is easier to talk about achieving a negative calorie balance, than to achieve it – the lower the calorie intake; the metabolism becomes slower (Yoshioka 1995, 1998, 2001).

Chili pepper is used in cosmetics

Hot pepper has a firming effect on the skin. It supports the processes that lead to weight loss. It stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the rate of decomposition of fat cells and stimulates the removal of accumulated toxins.

As many as 90% of women are concerned because of the problems associated with cellulite, and the way it changes their skin.

Anti-cellulite with chili peppers is not restricted to remove excess fatty deposits, because they are specifically designed to combat cellulite. It helps reduce stretch marks, which are often associated with fluctuations in weight, and also soften and smooth the skin out.

The cosmetic formulas of chili peppers – from the TianDe series “SPA Technology” – include the following active components: sea salt, chili pepper extract and algae extract.

Series SPA Technology “Chilli Series” = 100% satisfaction

Chili pepper Series Products

1. Salt with chili oil 80 g (code 30210 )

Anti-cellulite products on the basis of chili achieve amazing effects in a heartbeat!
It accelerates the metabolic processes of the skin, removes toxins and excess fluid, reduces the ‘orange peel’ effect, helps to activate blood circulation and improves elasticity and skin tone.


Salt is excellent at removal of dead skin cells and mineralization of the body. It is the first and very important step in weight loss programs. Salt and chili oil accelerate the metabolic processes in the skin, remove toxins and excess fluid, reduce the ‘orange peel’ effect, help to activate blood circulation and improve elasticity and skin tone. The peeling salt can be used for detoxification, digestion and smoothing the body and anti-cellulite program also helps to remove cellulite and progress weight loss.


– Accelerates the metabolic processes in the skin;
– Removes toxins;
– Reduces the effect of the ‘orange peel’;
– Helps to activate blood circulation;
– Improves elasticity and skin tone.

Chili oil activates the metabolic processes in problem areas and reduces the amount of fat cells.

Application: Massage into places that need improvement.

Effect of time of application

2 days – Skin becomes smooth and supple.
10 days – Reduced effect of ‘orange peel’.
14 days – Cellulite completely gone or less visible. Body volume decreased. Stretch marks are less visible.

Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes.

2 Cream of oil with chili peppers, 100 g (Code: 30211)
Anti-cellulite agent based on chili – great effect in a short time!

Cream provides long lasting effect. Its composition allows body to work on burining fat and removing toxins throughout many hours.


– Accelerates the breakdown and excretion of fat;
– Improves cell metabolism;
– Prevents the formation of fat, reduces the volume;
– Effectively tones and firms the skin, leaving it smooth, elastic and supple.
– Activates the circulation of blood and lymph.


Apply a small amount onto problem areas; rub in a circular motion until completely absorbed. Recommended after bathing.

3.The mask on the abdomen with the extract of chili peppers, 35 g (Code: 30212)
All that is required of you – is to put the mask!
The mask on the abdomen with the extract of chili works in several ways.


– Effectively breaks down fats;
– Evens skin texture;
– Eliminates the orange peel;
– Facilitates drainage – the secretion of excess fluids and toxins;
– Strengthens and tightens the skin.

Chili oil activates the metabolism in problem areas, reduces the amount of fat cells.


– Carefully open the package;
– Remove the mask;
– Place on the abdomen;
-Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes;
– Remove the remnants of the mask.

It is recommended to apply the mask every day for two weeks. To increase the effectiveness of the mask, apply the anti-cellulite cream with chili peppers extracts.

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