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It seems almost impossible for a sick tooth to launch into a serious health problem. Medical practice, however, shows the opposite.  According to some specialists up to 80 diseases can be listed, that started off with gum disease. Among them are disturbances of the cardiovascular system, rheumatism, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys, the eyes, the ears, the endocrine system, and even nerve disorders. The latter can occur only at presence of long existed and acute teeth aches.

Good dental hygiene contributes to the prevention of diseases of the respiratory organs. The bacteria that inhabit the mouth, can cause pneumonia, pulmonary inflammation and other diseases, especially in people with fragile health. Teeth should be cleaned out at least twice every day, but best after every meal.

Sight of infection in the mouth plays the role of a trigger for a number of diseases but also treatment of other difficult medical conditions, or is a result of those. For example, 98% of those suffering from ulcers, will have a periodontal disease at some point. Streptococci, which multiplies in the patient’s tooth, produces toxins that trigger the tooth nerve and thus hinder the work of other bodies.

It is clear that oral hygiene is not just about beauty, it is primarily for health! Therefor oral care should be given special attention.

Which toothpaste to use?

According to the experts – there is no universal paste for cleaning teeth. This is due to the fact that the condition of the oral cavity as a whole is very different for different people. So the toothpaste that is right for one person may be totally unacceptable and even dangerous for another.

There are pastes, which main objective of is to protect teeth from decay, others prevent the formation of tar, others have a bleaching effect, or prevent gingivitis. There are toothpastes that combine these properties, but again in a variety of ways. Therefore, they must be selected individually. When choosing a toothpaste everyone should pay attention to their own problems with the oral cavity and which ones will allow the selected toothpaste to work correctly. When selecting pastes for a therapeutic effect, they must be rotated. An attachment to any paste is unreasonable (it is recommended to use a different one at evening and morning time).

For a toothpaste to be effective and relaxing, there are combined dozens of components, for cleaning, bleaching, giving a taste etc. Although everyone uses toothpaste daily, we very rarely think about its ingredients and why they are present there. Each of the main components of the toothpaste include abrasives, gelling, foam forming, humectants, colorants and additives. Each component has its important purpose:

  • Abrasive substances clean and polish teeth.
  • To enhance the cleaning performance, and also for the prevention of irritation on the mucosa of the oral cavity, a toothpaste has foaming components.
  • Colourers and sweeteners add good colour, smell and taste. As a rule they are oils or synthetic flavouring agents: mint, lemon, cinnamon, and the so.
  • Sweeteners affect the taste. These are mostly sorbitol, xylitol and cyclamate. They are not decomposed by bacteria and help prevent caries by coating the tooth.
  • To paste can be plastic and easily squeezed out of the tube, constituted add substances that help retain moisture. Thanks to them, the paste is stored for a long time, and its taste stays the same.

There are also other components in toothpastes. It depends on the purpose of the paste and its medical and preventive focus.

What are TianDe toothpastes

TianDe cosmetics line includes teeth gels. Nowadays more people make their choice in favour of the gels. Gels have a more effective structure compared with toothpastes because of the reduced mechanical action on the gums, but also due to better penetration into the less accessible zones of the oral cavity. Par with the best pastes, gels perform their primary function – to protect and prevent caries effectively removing deposits off teeth.

TianDe teeth Gels form a protective barrier on the surface of the teeth for prevent of caries and the formation of tar, deliver calcium to the tooth enamel. The composition also contains xylitol, which is a type of a polyhydric sugar alcohol, which is a natural product extracted from plants.  It is the most effective against carious processes in the oral cavity. Assumed that when used, the risk of caries is reduced by 80%) inhibits the formation of dental plaque, and fluorine (0 , 082% – has been shown that fluorine in extremely small doses, actually is able to help our teeth) strengthening the tooth enamel.

TianDe teeth Gels effectively fight bleeding gums and their causes, therefor it is guaranteed to prevent bad breath for a long time and leave a pleasant feeling of freshness, cleanliness and comfort.

All TianDe teeth gels are clinically tested in the laboratory.


Calcium carbonate – An inorganic chemical compound, salt of carbonic acid and calcium – the building blocks of shells of various aquatic animals, snails and eggs.  Used for white food colouring E170.

Distilled water – Purified water that does not contain impurities and foreign bodies. Obtained by distillation in a special apparatus – distillers.

Sorbitol – A food additive (E420). Chemically, it is a tertiary alcohol, which has a sweet taste. Used as an artificial sweetener and moisturizer. Prepared from glucose. Used in lollies, dried fruit, confectionery, pastries, sweets and chewing gum. Naturally found in stone fruits and algae.

In modern cosmetics and sorbitol is used as humectant and thickener. Some transparent gels can be made only to its use, because it has a sufficiently high refractive index.

Silica – The main component of almost all terrestrial rocks. The amorphous non-porous silica used in the food industry as a processing aid E551, prevents caking and the formation of “lumps” in toothpaste, in the pharmaceutical industry as an excipient, and as a dietary supplement or a medicament, such as entero-sorbent.

Glycerine – The simplest representative of triatomic alcohol. Glycerol dissolves in water in every respect, moreover, it is hygroscopic. Thus, added to the mixture, makes the drying more difficult. For example, glycerol is added to creams, pastes, etc…

Citric acid – Used in cosmetics as a pH regulator, a buffer and a chelating agent.

Sodium lauryl sulphate – An anionic surfactant. This in itself is an amphiphilic substance, which is used in the industry as a strong detergent and a wetting agent in the manufacture of the majority of washing chemicals, shampoos, dentifrices, cosmetics for foaming. It can be a strong allergen for some people.

Menthol – An organic matter- important secondary metabolite of the plant mint. Widely used in the food industry and medicine.

Flavour – For the flavour and fragrance.

Sodium monofluorophosphate (0,082%) – a disinfectant and an anti-inflammatory action. Refreshes the mouth. Used to prevent tooth decay, reduces the formation of plaque on the teeth.

Pearl powder – Natural crushed pearls and pearls formed in the shells of certain bivalve molluscs. Pearl powder is used for whitening, and strengthening of teeth, it is a biologically active food supplement as well used for the treatment of inflammation of the skin, burns, for faster healing of wounds. Pearl powder improves the metabolism and produces free radicals, strengthens the immune cells of the body, has a strong rejuvenating effect.

Sodium benzoate – Benzoic acid compound, has antibiotic properties and is a colour enhancer. Sodium benzoate is registered as a food additive code E211.

TianDe Toothpaste – products

TianDe Toothpaste – “Liquid Calcium”

Reduces the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the teeth, removes tar, gently whitens, prevents the formation and development of caries, air-filled teeth and rebuilds damaged enamel. All pastes can be used in children because of the low level of fluoride (below the acceptable standard).

TianDe Toothpaste – “Bamboo Salt”

Gel toothpaste contains bamboo extract, so that effectively fights parodontosis, preventing bleeding gums, strengthens teeth and prevents tar and tooth decay. Keeps the breath fresh for a long time. Contains a bamboo extract, menthol, sodium fluoride (prevents tooth decay).

TianDe Toothpaste – “Natural Ocean Pearls”

Protects against tooth decay, prevents the appearance of tartar, removes sediment from the surface of the teeth, freshens the breath and protects the gums from irritation. Technology whitening White Bond promotes efficient elimination of pigmented spots, restores natural white teeth without damaging tooth enamel and staining. It contains pearl powder, which saturates the tooth enamel minerals and strengthens them.

TianDe Toothpaste – “Prodental”

Restores the acid – based balance, which is very important for the health of your teeth. In a healthy person, the saliva is neutral, its pH is between 7-7.5. Acid-base balance in the mouth is impaired in the process of eating. Upon entry into the mouth of foods especially those rich in carbohydrates, under the action of bacteria fermentation occurs to produce lactic acid. Lactic acid causes an increase in acidity. Accepted 10 grams of sugar, leads to a high content of lactic acid in the saliva for 10-16 minutes, and reduces the pH in the next 20 minutes. The acidic environment is good for the propagation of bacteria and viruses that are responsible for caries and periodontal diseases. Included in toothpaste “Pro-dental” ingredients neutralize the acidic environment, restore the acid-based balance in the mouth and prevent the development of caries.

Almost all of periodontal diseases are accompanied by bleeding gums. Plant extracts contained in the toothpaste “Pro-dental” deal with this common problem.

TianDe Toothbrush – “Prodental”

The unique silicone brush bristles penetrate deep into the interdental space, while removing bacterial plaque from the tooth surfaces of every millimeter. The brush massages the gums softly and gently. The ergonomic shape provides a comfortable use of the brush, as well as the proper and secure fit in your hand. The result is the maximum control over the cleaning procedure and the best contact of the bristles with the teeth.

Using Prodental Toothbrush will guarantees perfect oral hygiene quality. The innovative tool keeps teeth and gums healthy, as well as it grants you with a stunningly brilliant smile. For the maximum results, use a brush alongside the other oral hygiene products of TianDe Company.

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