Model Up and Anti – Cellulite

The skin of the breasts is very thin – two times thinner than facial skin, therefore, it requires delicate care.

The size and shape of the breast, is a matter of genetics. However, you do not have to go through a surgery to take care of the breast and keep them resilient and pretty for a long time. For example, modern peptide complexes allow for a significant improvement of the surrounding neck and chest. A minimum of once a week should nourish skin of the breast and décolleté, by using a special cream and applying a mask, for intensive modelling, firming and strengthening.
TianDe preparations help to reduce cellulite, stretch marks caused by fluctuations in weight, as well as softening and smoothing the skin.



The main causes of cellulite include: deterioration in blood circulation , a breach of the formation of adipose tissue function and increase of size of the fat cells , which in consequence leads to the occurrence of irregularities on the skin and the formation of the ”orange peel”. Cellulite appears on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, posterior knees and hands.

Conducive to the development of cellulite is also inheritance, changes related to aging, hormonal disorders , decreased thyroid function, abnormal blood circulation and metabolic process, smoking, stress, wearing tight clothing, improper nutrition.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the result of the hormonal and metabolic changes, which lead to stretching of the skin, infringement of its flexibility, so that the skin eventually becomes unattractive in appearance.

TianDe Programme

Using specially designed TianDe programs can remove cellulite, improve the skin and structure of the body, make a figure attractive , get rid of the ”orange peel” and then keep the result for a long time.

The programs consist of two stages: Intensive and sustained. The intensity stage lasts for 15 to 20 days (daily), and the step of supporting -use of 2-3 times a week. After the completion of these steps, the product must be applied once a week to carry out complex treatments against cellulite.

The anti-Cellulite program stimulates repair processes in the body. The procedure is best performed before noon.

TianDe cellulite preparations effectively exempt from cellulite, removing the effect of an “orange peel”, reducing stretch marks and clearly reinforcing the skin. In addition: adipose tissue decreases and gradually disappears, stretch marks on the skin become imperceptible, the skin regains its elasticity and tension.

Programme Elements

Programme Elements

In the process of proper breast skin care and effective anti- cellulite preparations -the series ” Model Up” will help:

  1.  Skin care cosmetics – breast “Model Up” contain the following active ingredients: extract of clover, DMAE, Thai extract of flowers, collagen and hyaluronic acid. They are in those products:

a)  Bust firming mask (32501) – no immediate lifting action of the breasts and cleavage. Tones, strengthens and improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Clover extract stimulates cell growth of mammary tissues, providing an increase in volume. The complex of active components of Thai flower extract enhances blood circulation, provides regeneration and moisturizes. The formulation also includes lifting ingredients: hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid.

b) Shaping bust firming cream (32502) – a comprehensive formula affecting the elasticity and firmness of the skin of the breasts. It is designed to strengthen the dermal matrix, improving interchangeable processes in tissues, skin softening, protecting and rebuilding connective tissues, reducing the risk of stretch marks and sagging breasts. Very effective for lifting the breast, fights against age-related changes, the reconstruction of the shape of the breasts after pregnancy and childbirth and weight loss programs. The cream also includes DMAE, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and Panthenol.

  1.  Anti – Cellulite series ” Model Up” contains the following active ingredients: extracts from the roots of tachua, algae, mint, chili peppers and more. These include the following formulations:

a) Transdermal cellulite patch (32503) – a unique active preparation with intensive anti-cellulite functions, reduces the volume of adipose tissue. The active components of the patch constantly and actively interact with the deep layers of the skin. Contains vegetable extracts of peppermint, camphor and chili peppers, enhances blood circulation, stimulates the excretion of toxins and exchange products and promotes breaking down of the fat. The skin becomes elastic and smooth, reduces the effect of an ”orange peel”.

b) Anti-cellulite complex (32504) – a soft gel with a light texture. Penetrates deeply, stimulates cell metabolism, stimulating fat reduction. This way it helps to reduce the volume of the body and removes cellulite. Active ingredients concentrated gel (extracts: tachua, marine algae, guarana and green tea, vitamins A, C and E, and lanolin) stimulates blood circulation, significantly improves skin texture. It stimulates the removal of toxins and excess water, which helps to reduce body fat and prevents the appearance of nodules on the skin. Cosmetics for special tasks, equipped with a massage.

c) Anti-cellulite cream with tachua extract (32505) – an innovative formula based on a unique Chinese grass- tachua, it is a unique opportunity to make your body elastic without exhausting workouts and diets. The effective product wins even strong signs of cellulite. The combination of active ingredients of the cream accelerates the regeneration processes and circulation in the fat tissues and subcutaneous glands. Extracts stimulate lipolysis, tachua favours reduce the volume of the body. Enriched with nutrients and moisturizing properties, the cream provides a maximum comfort and an optimal hydration. The oily consistency of the cream creates the effect of sliding and gives the skin elasticity and a velvety feel. The body becomes tense, its contours become more resilient.

d) Phyto – salt bath (32506) – a mixture of active substances with slimming and draining properties: sea salt – enriches the skin with micro-and macronutrients, chestnut, archangelica (angelica), chrysanthemum – have draining properties for weight loss; ginseng and cornflower – eliminate congestion and tone; dandelion, aloe Vera and chamomile – regenerate and rebuild skin cells; sweet almond oil – nourishes, softens and moisturizes the skin.

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