Who is TianDe Smart Shopper?

Smart Shopper is someone who would like to take more advantages of TianDe Business Plan and knows TianDe Products.
As Smart Shopper you will be able to benefit from significant discount on all of the products and you will become a part of Business Team. That will give you rights to resell and promote TianDe Products.

This option is ideal for people who would like to create additional income from direct sales.

In addition we offer an Affiliate Programme for our TianDe Online Shop where you can refer friends and make money.

Although you will be participating in TianDe Business Plan you will not be included in promotions and additional rewards like Business Partners are but you will always have a chance to become a Business Partner.

Read more about Business Partner Opportunities – here.

Conditions to become Smart Shopper

1. Purchase of a Master Class Set as your presentation tool and Ginseng Hair Care Set.

2. Participation in 2 training sessions (online or personal) – Business introduction and Products introduction.

3. Arranging two group meetings/presentations: First to be led by the leader and second to be led by the smart shopper.

Once these conditions will be met, you will be welcomed to the ranks of distributors of TianDe Corporation.

If you register – please contact us to discuss further details.

How to become TianDe Smart Shopper?

To become TianDe Smart Shopper please follow instructions below:

1. Click on the button

2. Fill all details required (fields marked with *)

Please – befor clicking on that link to join TianDe, contact me personally to discuss all questions about Co-operation and business relation in TianDe MLM. Othwerwise I will not be able to properly look after you.