Cosmetic Horoscope

A horoscope is an astrological chart that is calculated based upon the date, time and place of birth. A horoscope can also be told for an event, a question, and even a country! Symbols are used to represent planets, signs, and geometric connections called aspects. In most cases, the horoscope in the Western astrology is drawn on a circular wheel. The astrologer studies your chart and analyzes the patterns and factors which describe your personality and needs. In a sense, an astrologer is ‘reading’ the information contained in your chart.

The word Zodiac literally means ‘animals’ and refers to the patterns or configurations of creatures as seen in the twinkling stars at night. The Zodiac belt is the great circle around which our luminescent Sun apparently moves month by month throughout the year, transceiving the energy of those different constellational signs and thereby transmitting the celestial radiations to Earth.

Cosmetic Horoscope


For ladies whose zodiac is Oh Ven, we recommend Wamena masks, as they have different properties that hydrate the skin – from tomatoes, apples, carrots. Also “Dual System” masks, cleaning – dairy, soluble “Wheat Germ” mask. To nourish the skin it’s suitable to use a cream with aloe Vera extracts, and those that contain tons of vitamins A and B. It is always good to wash the skin with cold water and the decoction of sage, plantain, wild rose and lemon balm.


This zodiac sign needs a program of soothing and relaxing care for the face and body, during active physical and mental work. Taurus must pay a particular attention to the spa method through which they can organize their treatments – spa treatments in the comfort of your home are preferable. After water procedures, go onto to the fertilizing salts, body aromatic peels, masks and gels and their skin will look superb. It will be filled with a new energy. For calves– the best product is the “Strawberry milkshake” , “leaves Rose” , peeling – “Milk” and ” Cucumber “Humidification – modeling Mask “Green Tea” , masks “Dual System” and ” Face Mask and Neck Silk ‘system De Luxe masks. Taureans must pay particular attention to the prevention of diseases. For the prevention of colds and viral diseases, we highly recommend–the “Warming foot bath“ and for the prevention of female diseases – TianDe sanitary towels and teas.


Twins are prone to fatigue and stress. Therefore, in daily use and skin restoration care, it’s necessary for them to use essential oils and emulsions for detoxification. Be sure to include AT lotions and tonics based on medicinal herbs and creams with herbal extracts. To rejuvenate the skin, they need to use masks of different exotic fruit origins – “rejuvenate with fruit acids”. For nourishment – products containing eggs , cheese, yeast, masks and sets of ”Dual System”, day and night cream masks. When it comes down to cleansing the skin it’s advised to apply lotions containing medicinal herbs.


Cancers should carry out procedures with sea salt and massage. Washing with mint, chamomile and lime blossom potions. Recommended use of cucumber masks, cabbage, milk and milk products. It is useful to carry out anti-cellulite treatments regularly, 1-2 times a week. Cleaning the skin with a scrub and salt for a body massage in problem areas of the body and then using a cellulite cream or gel. It’s better to use the funds for sensitive skin and re ad the basis to carry out restoration and soothing beauty treatments. The cancer sign is prone to allergies and swelling. Therefore, cleansing the body of toxins can be done by regularly drinking herbal teas. For the prevention of various diseases and to eliminate puffiness and swelling, use the footbath series Talasso –”Fito Foot“ and ”Toning foot bath.”


The Lion’s skin is extremely sensitive to ultraviolet rays. In their daily care of the skin, you should definitely use a day cream with a level of sun protection not less than 30, use a special sunscreen tone cream and powder. Lions recommended masks are the ones that hydrate the skin – potatoes, bananas, watermelon, placenta-collagen face and neck with red caviar extract and placenta-collagen face and neck with bio-gold . To nourish the skin, the most suitable cosmetics are the ones with almond and coconut milk.


The Virgin sign’s skin needs special care. Cosmetic products based on natural ingredients will have a very good impact. For Virgos, it is very important to observe their daily routine and active lifestyle. To keep your skin young and fresh, virgin is best to stick to a vegetarian diet. The Virgo sign should pay a special attention to skin care, keeping it clean, and using anti-inflammatory products. To hydrate the skin, apply a moisturizing cream mask “Green Tea”, “Tomato“, soluble mask and “Wheat Germ“.


The skin of the scales sign requires immuno-stimulatory treatments. It is effective to use the mask-dummies” Dual System “and” Cosmic Harmony “. Recovery and water-salt balance and elasticity of the skin will be improved with the help of masks with “Crystal collagen” and “Secrets of the reef”/ marine components. For the hydration of the skin cosmetic products containing fruit extracts from strawberry and apricot may be used. Wash the skin with mineral water with added of ½ cup of clean, cold water in the morning and before bedtime.


The weakness of the sign Scorpio are the legs. For the prevention of various diseases, use complex treatment on the feet – baths and various creams. Use vitamin creams containing vitamins C and E. The most important skin care component for Scorpions, is to nourish the skin cells. Therefore its Good choice to use masks rich in proteins- “Dual System” – face and neck extract asplenium and pearl powder and mask with a shark extract and olive leaf , soluble masks series SPA TEHNOLOGY – ” Modeling placenta mask . ” Be sure to include lifting procedures, for example, crystal collagen masks in the program of care.


It is advised for the Sagittarius to wash with previously boiled or bottled water. Roland recommended to use cosmetic products containing the root of life – ginseng. Take advantage of the placenta-collagen face and neck masks with bio-gold, active recovery creams as placenta cream series. Hold anti-stress cosmetic procedures at least once every 2 months. Anti-stress program for the Face: active regenerating emulsion essence to release the toxins. Course with the following masks: Antioxidant Green Tea modeling mask , mask Soluble pearl powder , skin moisturizing – crème mask ” Grapes “.


For Capricorn is important to protect your skin and keep it clean. This sign is observed predisposition to various skin diseases. You should use firming body salts or peels. Fruit acids contained in the masks and peels will keep the skin well hydrated. The unique ingredients are: sea salt, algae, essential oils will help to draw toxins from the body and stimulate the activity of the cells. Capricorns should carefully monitor their teeth – cleaning at least twice a day and rinsing with herbal tea.


Aquarius is ideally suited for capsule cosmetics. Master the techniques of self-massage and the results will show on the face – healthy and elastic skin. Aquarian are recommended to use masks that contain exotic fruit or are seaweed based and soluble masks. Suitable creams – the ones containing vitamins A and C. Do SPA procedures often. When cleaning the skin use peelings with fruit acids, salts and body masks.


Active recovery procedures will help to preserve the beauty of the skin. Antioxidant modeling masks- green tea, modeling placenta mask, soluble pearl powder mask and crystal collagen masks. Do courses of 10-15 days, daily and repeat 1-2 times a month. The fish can use the ”Dual System“, ”Clean energy“ mask cream ”Grapes“, ”Space Energy“ and ”Secrets of the reef“ soluble mask” and ‘’Wheat Germ ” masks.

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